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A magical place where your dress dreams happen, a place where we make the clothes fit you and not the other way around, a place where you can create a dress from the comfort of your own home and know it’s going to fit perfectly.
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Beach bum
Adjust your crown Queen
Naughts and crosses
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I'm a what?
Si Amiga
Desert cactus
Mister Misters
Aussie Aussie Aussie
Finding Dory
Deary me
Gorman linen spots
Hawaiian holiday
Lime crime
Flammin' gala
Blue palms
Printed tiles
I love my bed
Bat girl
Pink with white dots
teal with pink hearts
Blue stripes
Rainbow palm trees
Rainbow stars
Grey with black spots
Pastel rainbow triangles
Pastel shapes
Pastel grid
Pink white and beige grid
Pink poppy
Orange and blue flowers on white background
grey and black Leopard print
Floral print
Green, Blue and Yellow squires with posies
Black and rainbow triangles
Teal and white geometric flowers
Purple posies
Pastel pink with white dots
Teal, Pink and Dark blue spotty print
Pale pink with black dots
Grey with black hearts
Black with cream spots
Mustard Daisys
Gender reveal painted
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Teal and white floral
Circ de solou
Black and white Geo
Green daisy
Blue and yellow frangipani
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How it works
Using Design'a Dress
You’re here, you made it! Congrats! Next you’ll find the tools and options to help design your dress.

You have a choice of two different neckline styles, two sleeve styles, two skirt styles, if you want a waist tie added (or not? See! Your choice) and the length of your skirt (measuring from your belly button. Max length is 80cm) AND did someone say pockets? YEP! Your dress will automatically come with side pockets unless you choose the front square pockets (only available on the standard gathered skirt).

Next, pop in the measurements of your bust and waist. (if you don’t know these or don’t have a measuring tape please email us and we can help you out with sizing) and finally browse through the fabrics and see what you’re vibing.

After each selection your dress will appear and you’ll get to see what YOU have created. How exciting! Once you are satisfied with your design simply place your order.

Enjoy designing!
After an Order is placed
So now that your dress design, measurements and fabric selections have been confirmed, it’s now up to us to create it for you. All made in the Jaclyn Joy studio here in Brisbane! We understand this is a very special dress for each individual so the process is meticulous and rest assured it will be made with love, care and lots of JOY.
How long does it take?

Please allow a 14 day turnaround time. When it’s finally time for your dress to be shipped to you, you will be updated with a tracking number and it will be in your happy little hands in no time
When your Dress Arrives
When your dress arrives give it a try! Make sure it fits perfectly and you love it! If you have any concerns or something isn’t exactly how you thought it would be, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss with you.

Creating your own dress within Jaclyn Joy is a convenient and creative process. It allows you to design a unique piece that suits your style and size preferences. We’re here to fashion a vision into reality, all at the click of a button.
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