Hi Joyfuls!
My name is Jaclyn Joy and I’m so excited to have you here! The idea to start this label has been a long time coming. I have worked in the fashion industry for 10+ years and for the last 5 years I had a successful alterations business. Running this business made me realize that SO many of us (including myself) need alterations- Because as we all know, every BODY is different with different proportions.

I love to make people feel good in their clothes because when you feel good, and confident in what you are wearing you are unstoppable! I wanted to make a clothing line that was fun, colourful, easy to wear and celebrating our bodies. It’s good to be different and stand out from the crowd.

So I decided to do  “design’a dress” which means anyone from any size and shape can just pop their measurements in and have a dress created and tailored exclusively to your body’s contours at an affordable price!

Now, I also know that the fast fashion industry is a problem.. And it’s not going anywhere soon. So how do you make a sustainable clothing line in this world that has a low impact on the environment without costing you your first born child?
*Entering our up-cycling era*

I came up with this idea in lockdown (in Melbourne) when I was stuck inside trying to find things to do so I wouldn’t go crazy. So I started cleaning out my cupboards and I came across a quilt cover that I never used and instead of taking it to an op-shop I decided to make a cute summer dress from it. To this day its still one of my favourite dresses to wear! It’s light, easy to throw on and it’s super fun and cute! That’s when I decided I could probably make these for other people. But would they like them? I hope so!

Now I spend most of my time driving around to opshops near and far, rummaging through the racks to find the best quality fabrics, quilt covers, curtains, towels and blankets to make these unique pieces that you will love as much as I do!
The print will be one of a kind
The design’a dress option will fit your body perfectly It will be made in Australia (by me!)
You will be saving fabric from going to landfill
You will be supporting a small dedicated business
I will jump for Joy with every purchase
From the bottom of my heart thank you!
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